I remember now,
I remember the light of dawn,
filtering though the trees, fighting its way into the darkest parts
of the forest, where I lie. I remember the the moss under my feet,
I remember the kid before the beast, the water before the blood.
I remember long gasps for air, the humidity dispelled from the mouth
the lack of warmth , the darker in lost eyes. And they search and search
and search…

And i see people full of empty forests.
As vast as each other, all forgotten all ignored.
But i swear i can see it, there is no doubt or use of denying it.
I can smell your secrets, but you’ve built walls of shame around them.
When will we stop pretending to be perfect? there is no need to hide.


I see Forest full of empty people,
each as lonesome as each other,
each as beautiful, yet not the same.
Each like a moon, awaiting for the sun.
Lest you be awaken? oh come out from your hiding.
Lest you speak? why succumb to silence so eagerly.

Remember the dawn had always pursued us
into the deepest corners of the forests.
and we stand so close,
and we stand so far.

Awake oh little heart of mine,
to the cry of the roaring Sun.